Malaysian Indigenous Clinical Pastoral Education (M.I.C.P.E.)

Malaysian Indigenous CPE (MICPE) is professional education for ministry to help persons develop their pastoral identity and pastoral competence.  Although based on the original American model MICPE is designed and conducted in a “culturally appropriate” and “contextually sensitive” manner.

Who can attend:-
Clergy, deaconess, candidate seeking ordination, theological students, members of religious orders and qualified lay persons.

Education Philosophy:-
It is adult learning where the teaching is student-centred and individualized. It is clinical learning that arise out of actual practise of ministry. The small group learning of no more than 10 students allows the supervisors to be focused and purposeful in their support of each student to achieve the students learning needs and goals. It is learning where theology is correlated with the guts of life and the human condition, enabling students to match their creed and their deed and the souls of both the caregiver and care receiver to be touched as they journey together.

MICPE Competency Areas: –
Students learn self-awareness as they become aware of how their attitudes, values, assumptions, strengths and weaknesses affect their ministry. They learn to accept and utilize the support of the peer group and practise communication skills required for confrontation and clarification for the integration of personal attributes and pastoral functioning. Students learn how persons, social conditions, systems and structures affect the lives of self and others and how to address effectively these issues in ministry. They also learn about basic skills for pastoral care to persons in crisis and situations; how to make effective use of one’s religious/spiritual heritage, theological understanding and knowledge of behavioural sciences in pastoral ministry to persons and groups; to function effectively as a pastoral member of an interdisciplinary team and to utilize pastoral and prophetic perspectives in a variety of functions. Students learn about the clinical method of learning and use peer group and supervision to develop the capacity for evaluating one’s ministry.

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