Board of Iban Work

Established on 17th March 2012, Iban Board takes responsibility to coordinate Iban speaking churches in the Diocese. Generally, Iban Board takes interest on all aspects of ministry under its care raging from children to adulthood. In the past few years, Iban Board has been actively coordinating seminars and talks on Apologetic and Polemic. The main concern is to train and prepare our people to defend the Christian faith and to counter argument against those who challenge the Bible’s authority and the divinity of Christ. Currently, Iban Board is preparing its potential leaders through AIM classes which have been conducted since 2017. It is our hope to see many people particularly among Ibans to pursue the work of God for the glory of His kingdom.

Fulfilling God’s Command that Malaysians can worship Him in Iban language.

To serve the needs of believers conversant in the Iban language in worship, discipleship, evangelism and pastoral support.


  • To promote and coordinate the various kinds of work in the Iban churches in the Diocese.
  • To strengthen the relationship and cooperation between the Iban churches in the Diocese.
  • To tender advice and to hold consultations with, and to help implement such directions as given by the Bishop concerning the Iban Ministry work in the Diocese.


  • St Mary’s Cathedral KL (Rev John Layang)
    • ACAC Jalan Pahang KL
    • Mentakab Anglican Center
  • ARCH Shah Alam (Ven. Stephen Chan)
  • St. Francis’ Church, Sg. Buloh (Rev. Christopher Dalie)
  • St. Faith’s Church, Seri Kembangan (Rev. Christopher Dalie)
  • St Joseph’s Church Kemaman (Ven. Jacob Ge)
  • Port Dickson Anglican Centre – JCC outreach (Rev David Low)
  • St. David’s Church, Sg. Udang, Melaka (Rev. Doding Rito)
  • Good Shepherd Church Pasir Gudang (Rev Benammie John)
    • Good Shepherd Church Skudai

Contact person: Rev John Layang, Chairman


This report highlights the evangelism activities that were held on a weekly and daily basis in the church as well as during visits to the homes of Sabahans and Sarawakians who have never come to church. Apart from that, this report also shares that there is a good opportunity to deliver the Word of God for conferences, seminars, workshops and funeral events, where the element of evangelism which is to pray and accept the Lord Jesus as savior and God personally to anyone who is not yet convinced that was done by Revd. Juining and Anna Anyus Juining. Read more of the report here in Bahasa Malaysia…