Board of Chinese Speaking Work

Besides promoting and coordinating the various Chinese ministries, the Diocesan Chinese Board plays an active role in church planting, oversea mission, discipleship training and training the full-time pastor.

The objects of the Chinese Board:

  1. To promote and coordinate the various kinds of work in the Chinese-speaking Churches in the Diocese which include evangelism, mission, literature, youth ministry, women ministry, men ministry, children ministry, golden circle ministry, social concern, lay training and devotional.
  2. To strengthen the relationship and co-operation between the Chinese-Speaking Churches in the Diocese; and
  3. To tender advice to and to hold consultations with, and to help implement such directions as given by the Bishop concerning the Chinese-Speaking work in the Diocese.

Membership of the Board consists of all Chinese Clergy, Deacons, Deaconesses, Evangelists and lay representatives from all the Chinese churches in the Diocese of West Malaysia.