Anglican Institute of Ministry (AIM)

AIM strives to raise the standard of Biblical, Theological and Pastoral preparation of the laity for effective and efficient ministry in the Diocese. It desires to strengthen the existing training of Lay Readers and Pastors and to further equip evangelists and youth evangelists in their gifting for service of the Lord in His Church.

Core Subjects:
Bible Overview
OT Survey1(Pentateuch, Historical books)
OT Survey2 (Wisdom & Prophetic books)
NT Survey1 (Gospel & Acts)
NT Survey 2 (Pauline Epistles, Hebrews )
Christian Doctrine 1 (Theology, Christology)
Christian Doctrine 2 (Soteriology, Ecclesiology)
Church History 1
Church History 2

Electives 1:
Pastoral Care
Mission & Evangelism
Spiritual Formation
Christian Ethics
Discipleship & Disciple Making
Malaysian Indigenous Clinical Pastoral Education
Worship, Christian Tradition & Music

Elective 2:
Leadership & management
Comparative Religions
Christian Education
Crisis Relief & Christian Response
Urban Evangelism, Fresh Expressions &  Messy Church
Social & Ecological Care (5 marks of Mission)
Politics, Social media & Christian
Ecumenism & Global Trends in 21 Century

1.Baptised and confirmed members of the Anglican Church or other Churches
2.Lay Readers/Pastors, Evangelists, Youth Evangelists & lay members recommended by their Vicars & Priests-in-Charge.
3.Approval by PCC/MDC


Level 1: (Bp CoM)
For “Bishop’s Certificate of Ministry”
The candidate must complete 10 modules
(5 core subjects & 5 electives)

Level 2: (Bp DoM)
For “Bishop’s Diploma of Ministry”
The candidate must have completed Level 1 and an addition of 10 other modules ( 4 Core subjects & 6 Electives)
IN ADDITION to the above, a minimum 80% class attendance is required to obtain credit for each module AND a MINIMUM grade “C” is required to be considered for a “PASS”.