St. Mark’s Cozy Home, Sungai Buloh
All praise and glory to God that St. Mark’s Cozy Home has been in operation (opening its door to potential residents) since January 2008, as the newest community service project of the Diocese!


A Glimpse of History
The Cozy Home was first conceived as a retirement home for “holy servants” by the late Rev Canon Chan Kai Ming in 1977, and All Saints’ Church Kuala Lumpur adopted and pursued the project. The Cozy Home Building Committee, headed by Mr. Peter Yuen, was formed in early 1980s and the ‘Cozy Home Building Fund’ was subsequently set up. A long-drawn fundraising drive and project planning then ensued. The scope of the Home was later enlarged to accommodate the elderly (senior citizens).

Bishop Tan Sri Dr Lim Cheng Ean offered the Diocesan land where St. Mark’s Church and the former maternity clinic were sited. Development planning was applied and subsequently approved.

10 July 2004
Ground Breaking was performed by Bishop Lim, and onwards building construction works commenced.
– The Building Committee was elevated to Diocesan level
– The Home was named as St. Mark’s Cozy Home

30 July 2005
Bishop Lim appointed the Board of Management, headed by Mr. Peter Yuen, with Instrument of Management duly approved by Standing Committee on 8 September 2005.

November 2006
Shell and core building was completed. Finishing and onwards touches and remedial works were carried out. Active steps were taken to work towards the application for Certificate of Fitness (CF).

17 March 2007
Dedication & Thanksgiving Service & Dinner was held at Cozy Home, graced by Bishop Lim.

29 June 2007
After much delay and overcoming some difficulties, approvals from various external departments were obtained, and an official inspection by MBSA (Majlis Bandaran Shah Alam) was then conducted, for  the CF.

July 2007
– Bishop Ng Moon Hing appointed Bishop Lim as onwards Chairman, Board of Management, after Bishop Lim’s retirement, with Mr. Peter Yuen as Vice-Chairman
– Various steps and actions were taken to pursue CF.
– Great efforts were also taken to equip the Home.
– Mr. Andrew Lai was appointed, in October 2007, as Manager (Hon.) to oversee and manage the initial operations of the Home.

24 December 2007
Certificate of Fitness was issued! (Sincere appreciation and thankfulness to Tan Sri Dato Dr James Alfred.)

13 January 2008
Dedication of St. Mark’s Church cum Operation “Soft- Launch” of Cozy Home was celebrated by Bishop Ng Moon Hing.

Rooms & Rates
The Cozy Home is a 3-storey building (at a cost of about RM3.0 million) on ¾-acre land, with a field suitable for vegetable/flower gardening.

Accommodation available is as follows:
Ground Floor
3 x 6-bedded rooms (18 persons)
4 x 2-bedded rooms (8 persons)

First Floor
5 x 2-bedded rooms (10 persons)
4 x 6-bedded rooms (24 persons)

Second Floor
2 x 6-bedded rooms (12 persons)
1 x 2 Apartments (2 persons)

TOTAL:  72 persons

The Home offers competitive rates for potential residents:

  1. Twin Sharing @RM2,000.00 per month
  2. Single Occupancy @RM3,000.00 per month
  3. Six-bedded sharing @ RM,1800.00 per month


  1. Twin Sharing @ RM2,500.00 per month
  2. Single Occupancy @ RM3,500.00 per month

These rates are inclusive of accommodation, meals, caring services and laundry, but do not include medical fees.

In addition, visiting families/clergy/guests may enjoy a short stay at Cozy Home at a nominal charge (approx. RM100/night). The Multi-purpose Hall and 2 Function Rooms may also be used for workshop/seminar/meeting, etc.

Mdm. Allison Cheong, a former church worker (ASC KL) and evangelist (Anglican Village Ministry), now in her early 70’s, has become the first resident of the Home, under a special arrangement. She assigned her flat, worth about RM80,000.00-RM90,000.00, in Shah Alam to the Diocese, so that she will be fully taken care of by the Cozy Home.

There have been frequent and keen enquiries on admission, and more and more elderly folks are expected to take up residence there.

Environment and Daily Life

Cozy Home is to provide a Christian environment of love and care to the most-needy elderly persons, ministering to their physical and spiritual needs. The Home has adequate facilities which include recreation room, lounge, medical clinic, kitchen, outdoor space, etc., and provides proper care and service (24-hour care, with residential staff around), as well as a pleasant and secure environment.

In keeping with the Christian character, Sunday worship, daily devotion, prayer, spiritual care, Christian life and conduct, etc. for the residents, will be encouraged and facilitated.

The Home will operate, as it develops, on the following premises:

  1. A home where life is worth living: caring and meeting needs; group social and fellowship.
  2. Physical, Mental & Spiritual Development: Daily physical exercise; reading and mental exercise; Bible Study, etc.
  3. Handicraft, Needle Work, Wood Work/Carpentry, Gardening, etc: To pursue personal interests, with training/teaching by professionals or social workers.
  4. DVD/VCD and Games: Enjoyment and healthy discussion.
  5. Fun and Games: Organized outings and games; birthday parties, etc.
  6. Weekend Fellowship with Family Members – Sponsors/children are encouraged to visit their loved ones and take them out or home on weekends or holidays. Volunteers will visit the Home regularly to mix with the residents.


The home operates a day care centre for mobile elderly persons between the hours 7.00am and 7.00pm. The elderly can be delivered to the Home between these hours and the minimum daily rate is RM 50.00 per visit. We provide three main meals (breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) and tea.

Some of the activities in the Home



Nursing Care



image4 image5image15image6

A beautiful Garden for relaxation


A Centre of Learning

The Home is presently a centre for learning for Local and Overseas Universities in their Geriatrics studies.

image7 image14


To travel by road from South, Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley) and North, take the North/South Plus Highway. Exit at Kepong/Sungai Buloh toll. After paying toll keep to your left to the direction for Sungai Buloh and take that road. After a short distance one has to go under three over-head bridges. Look out for signage to Shah Alam. Proceed from there and keep to your right and be careful for cars coming from your right. Be watchful for a signage giving direction to Kampong Baru, Sungai Buloh to your right. Come to Traffic Lights and proceed to your right as soon as the traffic light turns green. Take that road, Jalan Welfare, and proceed about one KM and do watch out for RHB BANK on your left. As soon as you sight RHB Bank, take the junction before RHB Bank and proceed to the end of the road. As soon as you come to the end, you will notice the Chinese School is on your left and St. Mark’s Cozy Home is on your right. Please go around the building and use the opposite entrance at Jalan Besar, to get into the Home.

Concluding Remarks

It has taken a quarter of a century from conception (ideation) to a dream coming through, and we thank God for His faithfulness and guidance throughout the journey. The Diocese is proud to provide this community service to the Christian community and the general public.

As we have just begun to walk, we need to learn and experiment in our journey (operation). We need a lot of expertise, wise counsel, financial contribution, manpower support, and, most importantly, earnest prayer. Please extend us your helping hand and loving heart.


St. Mark’s Cozy Home
Lot 3720, Jalan Besar, Kg. Baru Sg. Buloh,
47000 SUNGEI BULOH, Selangor.
Tel:  03-61433234