2019 Mission Sunday

Archbishop’s Appeal

It is the time of the year that I make this appeal to all members and churches in the Diocese, on the Feast of Christ the King.  We have worked hard in the last 10 years to see our Diocese grow, and our involvement in missions has taken us to a new level.  Our desire is to be a “Missional Diocese”, in that we not only want to see our local churches grow, but to contribute to the extension of God’s kingdom.  It means that we are now also a “sending church”.  This paradigm shift makes the multiplication of the new dioceses possible and sustainable.

We are positioning ourselves to meet the challenges of the future with the emphasis on “Intentional Discipleship” which deepens the faith of every Anglican member.  Let us celebrate in thanksgiving to the Lord for His goodness for the past 50 years and pray that we can lay the foundation of a strong church for the next generations.

The Lord bless you!

The Most Rev. Datuk Ng Moon Hing
Diocesan Bishop


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