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Anglican SEA Provincial Gathering 2019 - “Oneness in the Body”

Lake Toba, Indonesia     18 – 21 Feb.

Once in 4 years, the Anglican Province of South East Asia organizes a Provincial Gathering.  This year, the Provincial Gathering (organized by the Diocese of Singapore), was held in scenic Lake Toba, Indonesia. 

There was a total of 270 participants from the 4 Dioceses – the Diocese of Kuching, Diocese of Sabah, Diocese of Singapore and Diocese of West Malaysia. From West Malaysia, we had 63 participants consisting of clergy, deaconesses and lay people. There were many opportunities to meet and share with those from different dioceses.

The 4 day programme was a good mix of physical, social and spiritual activities. 

One afternoon was devoted to sports competing for the Anglican Province of South-East Asia Inter-Diocesan Challenge Trophy.  Each Diocese formed teams to compete.  Although the Challenge Trophy went to the Diocese of Sabah, everyone in the Diocese of West Malaysia (including Archbishop Moon Hing,) had a good time taking part and cheering the teams.

Another afternoon was a Cruise on Lake Toba and a tour of Samosir Island.  Samosir Island is believed to be the origin of the Batak tribe.  Besides sight-seeing, there was also time for souvenir shopping on the island. 

Every morning and night, we had talks by Revd Tony Yeo, the Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Singapore.  Taking us through the book of Haggai, Revd. Tony Yeo shared with us God’s Word for the Drifted, the Discouraged, the Defiled and the Destined. 

In the last session, we were challenged to lead and serve the Lord as God’s “chosen, royal, holy people of God” (1 Pet. 2: 9 -10).  As the Holy Spirit moved among us, the people moved forward to be prayed for, by Bishops and senior clergy.

It was truly a blessed time, playing and praying together and growing in faith in our Lord.

By:  Annam Arumanayagam, St. Paul's Church, P J

To view the photos of the Gathering, please click on the link below:.




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