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Diocese Course on Anglicanism

The Diocese has recently announced the implementation of a course on Anglicanism for all who are involved in ministry of the Anglican Church. The details are as follow:

AIM: To acquaint all who are involved in any form of ministry within the Anglican Church in West Malaysia. This will be a requirement for all new clergy and lay workers joining the Diocese. This needs to be seen as a preparation for ministry within the Anglican Church so that our identity and distinctiveness will be understood and appreciated.

OBJECTIVE: To give us Anglicans and especially those in ministry a general understanding of what Anglicanism is in the midst of the changes that are taking place within the Anglican Communion. It is hope that it will keep us focused on the essentials.

METHODOLOGY: The course will comprise of lectures, class discussions, assigned readings and class work. These will be held regionally in the various Archdeaconries. (There will be a centralized training for all who will be involved in teaching in the regional centers)


Course Outline
Part 1 - History of Anglicanism
1. Anglican Origins and Ethos
2. Anglican Beliefs
3. Anglican Ethics
4. Anglican Structure and Organisation
5. Anglican Communion

Part 2 - Anglicanism In Practice
1. The Book of Common Prayer
2. 39 Articles
3. Worship and Liturgy
4. Word and Sacrament
5. Anglican Traditions

Part 3 - Why Anglicanism?
1.Ministry and Priesthood
2.Role of the Bishop
3.Developing Patterns of Leadership-Lay &Clergy
4.Evangelism as a way of Life
5. Intentional Discipleship

Part 4 - Answering The Call For Existence
1. Brief History of the Anglican Church in Malaysia
2. Challenges facing the Anglican Church (Mission) 
3. Interchurch Unity and Ecumenism (ecumenism)
4. Anglicans and Nation Building (Social Concerns)
5. Moving Forward- Anglican Church as a Transforming Agent 


Upper North Archdeaconry
Eastern Archdeaconry
Southern Archdeaconry
Lower North Archdeaconry
Upper Central Archdeaconry
Lower Central Archdeaconry

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