The Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia
The Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia
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Structure of the Synod

House of Bishop
Diocesan Bishop
Most Rev. Datuk Ng Moon Hing

House of Clergy
Suffragan  Bishops
Rt Rev. Dr. Jason Selvaraj
Rt Rev. Dato' Charles Samuel

Upper North Archdeaconry - Ven. Dr. Stephen Soe Chee Cheng
Lower North Archdeaconry - Ven. John Kennady
Upper Central Archdeaconry - Ven. Eddie Ong Beng Liang
Middle Central Archdeaconry - Ven. Stephen Chan Mung Koon
Lower Central Archdeaconry - Ven. Charles Fraser
Southern Archdeaconry - Ven. Edward M John
Eastern Archdeaconry - Ven. Jacob George John

Other Full-time Clergy

Non-Stipendiary Clergy

House of Laity

Diocesan Chancellor
Diocesan Registrar
Diocesan Treasurer
Diocesan Secretary
Parish Representatives
Missionary District Representatives
Bishop's Nominees
Members Coopted to Synod

The Bishop's Commissaries
- Canon Richard Kirton (England)
- Canon Geoffrey D Silby (Australia)
- Canon Michael R Sheard (England)


Upper North Archdeaconry
Eastern Archdeaconry
Southern Archdeaconry
Lower North Archdeaconry
Upper Central Archdeaconry
Lower Central Archdeaconry

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