Anglican Institute of Ministry (AIM) strives to raise the standard of biblical, theological and pastoral  preparation of the laity for effective and efficient ministry in the Diocese.


  1. To equip the laity who feel the call to serve the Lord in His Church but are unable to go into full-time theological training.
  2. To strengthen the existing training of the Lay Readers and Pastors and to further equip the evangelists and youth evangelists in their gifting for service of the Lord.
  3. To provide initial preparation for the laity to continue on to their full-time theological studies.
  4. To promote lifelong learning opportunity for the lay people to take up a basic theological education.


  1. Introduction to Bible
  2. OT Survey 1 (Pentateuch, Historical Books)
  3. NT Survey 1 (Gospel & Acts)
  4. Christian Doctrine 1 (Theology & Christology)
  5. Anglicanism
  6. Homiletics
  7. Pastoral Counselling
  8. Mission, Evangelism & Social Concern
  9. Other course to be advised
  10. Other course to be advised


  1. OT Survey 2 (Wisdom & Prophetic Books)
  2. NT Survey 2 (All Epistles)
  3. Church History 1(Apostles to Medieval)
  4. Christian Doctrine (Pneumatology & Ecclesiology)
  5. Hermeneutics
  6. Church History 2 (Reformation to Present Day)
  7. Spiritual Formation
  8. Christian Leadership & Management
  9. Other course to be advised
  10. Other course to be advised

Other courses to be advised

Courses offered which can suit the local context and needs of the church or Diocesan language board such as Bible Inductive Method; Christian Ethics; Critical Reading and Writing; Christian Symbolism; Worship, Christian Tradition & Music; Discipleship & Disciple Making, Malaysian Society and others.


  1. Baptised and confirmed members of the Anglican Church or other Churches
  2. Lay Readers/Pastors, Evangelists, Youth Evangelists & lay members recommended by their Vicars & Priests-in-Charge.
  3. Approval by PCC/MDC
  4. 17 years of age and above.


  1. The candidate must complete Level 1 or 10 modules for the Bishop’s Certificate of Ministry (Bp CoM)
  2. The candidate must have completed Level 1 and an addition of 10 other modules for the Bishop’s Diploma of Ministry (Bp DoM)
  3. All are compulsory modules except 2 courses in Level 1 of Bp CoM and 2 courses in Level 2 of Bp DoM to be advised for the different needs of the local church or Diocesan language boards.
  4. Those students who have the certificate of Anglicanism may opt to retake the course or submit an assignment as per lecturer’s request in order to obtain the exemption.
  5. In addition to the above, a minimum 80% class attendance is required to obtain credit for each module and a MINIMUM grade “C” is required to be considered for a “PASS”.

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